Why Goa is Famous? Two, Safety & Hospitality In Goa

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3. Hospitality in Goa

Hospitality in Goa


Every shop, driver, hotelier and even the ordinary denizen knows Goa thrives on Tourism. Their naturally hospitable attitude takes the hospitality in Goa to another level. You will find the sweetest people here, everyone smiles at you and says thank you in the end. People go out of their way to help you. Mostly it is to tell you directions, and also things like renting me a Bajaj Avenger at 0 upfront price, purely on trust.

Here is another example of the Hospitality in Goa that I witnessed. When my rented Bajaj Avenger broke down (literally) on the road, a super smart mechanic named Chaari stopped his work in the middle and fixed mine in 10 minutes, for Rs. 50. He also went ahead & referred me to the best price on my Bus fare to Mumbai. He mentioned providing Activas and Avengers on rent for only Rs. 250 and 450 per day, which is the lowest price in all of Goa, lower than how I got. The man is gold, and when you are in Goa, you may call him at 08550930293 to get the best prices in bike rentals or bus tickets.

On yet another occasion, my partner got severe food (read, drink) poisoning which resulted in uncontrolled vomiting all night. At 4 in the night, I decided to call an ambulance, hoping against hope. Surprisingly, everyone was prompt to respond, and within 15 minutes, we had an ambulance waiting for us outside the hotel. The nurses and doctor of the first aid center woke up from their sleep and were friendly & helpful. Can’t imagine it to be so prompt anywhere else. They know their place, just a bit of Goa hospitality.

4. Casual culture of Goa

All the touristy belts of Goa is 100% casual & easy going. It does not matter how you dress, how you look like or what you eat. It is most common to see tourists of both sexes wearing sleeveless tees with shorts, girls wearing bikinis and guys topless in the middle of the streets, shopping or eating at an eatery. Not only is it impossible anywhere else in India, but in Goa, no one seems to mind.

Among the Goan residents, long, colorful gowns are the most popular among girls and women, whereas men mostly wear casuals with shorts & slippers. The huge majority of them are Christians which I think has a major influence on the peaceful Goan culture.

5. Great Infrastructure for Tourists

The Government in Goa has always been progressive, and it is because of the stupendous infrastructure they have built is why Goa has been an International tourist hotspot. My state Odisha is full of tourist attractions, but due to the indifference of the Odisha Government, many gems of tourist places remain hidden from the eyes of the international audiences. Whereas the Goan Government has left no stone unturned to build wide roads, clean streets, fast healthcare, even faster communication system (Read, Internet), no moral policing (so far). The international airport in Dabolim makes sure foreigners could directly fly to Goa from there homes.

6. How Safe is Goa?

One of the major reasons why tourists don’t visit a place that deserves visiting are the safety concerns. In a foreign land, you could be mugged, harassed or even worse; and the state apparatus is the only thing you could rely upon. The Goan police have been prompt in this, unlike most other states in India when cases of harassing of tourists are common. I gave my first ever breathalyzer test to the traffic police in Goa as I was caught riding a motorcycle without a helmet. An inconvenience of 10 minutes and a 100 Rs fine, but it made me admire Goa even more. Friendly neighborhood laws must be supreme in any foreign land, otherwise, vermins take charge.

In Goa, I have ridden at the dark of night alone, with a girl as well… Though the roads were not metropolitan-urban, and sometimes hilly, sometimes foresty, all of them felt completely safe. Probably because some couple or some single girl being spotted alone every now and then, riding their bike even at 3 in the night. All in short clothes. This itself says volumes about how safe a habitat Goa is able to provide, especially for the ladies. So if you are a girl on a solo trip asking yourself how safe is Goa, or a couple wondering is Goa safe at night, it is.

Plus, here the dogs are super cool. At any other place in India, if you ride in the midnight the dogs WILL chase you. Not in Goa. I stopped in the middle of the road near Vagator as a number of stray dogs occupied the road ahead. It was near dawn and the dogs got up and started approaching me. Then I realized they are coming towards me wagging their tails so I could pet them and feed them. Oh so sweet, they must have been through this midnight drill a hundred times. That’s how safe Goa is.

So, Goa is famous because of its hospitality, relaxed culture & safety measures for tourists.

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