Why Goa is Famous? Three, Because Foreigners in Goa

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7. Foreigners in Goa

Whether you admit or not, India is a country obsessed with A. White skin and B. Glamour & Sexiness. Now Goa is a place which markets primarily to Russians & other foreign nationals. Many shops & restaurants even put up their sign boards in the Russian Language. And the thing about most foreigners in Goa is that they do as they would in their own countries. Which is why, you get a lot, a lot of skin show, ie foreign men & women in skimpy clothes & bikinis.

Foreigners in Goa

I visited Goa in the scorching hot month of April, and even then I saw more foreign nationals than Indian tourists. On the road, at the beach, inside shops, they were always the silent majority. It made me wonder what exactly are the Foreigners in Goa doing in this scorching heat of summer. Among other reasons, I found most of them really soaking up the Sun to get a natural tan.

Foreigners in Goa

So, foreigner majority & massive skin show; this makes Goa hardly seem like India at all. Overall, this is what the average Indian wishes, the foreign feel. Each year thousands of Indian guys visit Goa to be with & to party among foreigners in Goa. Also, the Sunburn festival is an absolute delight among millennials, Indians & foreigners alike, and Goa hosted it for nearly a decade.

The East India Comedy has depicted the plight of Indian men visiting Goa very well in this video.


I hope you get the picture why us Indians like Goa so much. To summarize, Goa is famous because it is a glamorous getaway promising a laid-back lifestyle, unlimited drinking & partying at cheap prices. It is full of beautiful, non-judgemental people, has nice weather all year, and takes away all your worries. Oh, did I just write the definition of paradise!!

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