Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack – A Hanging Bridge Leading to Abode of Shiva

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Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack was on my wishlist for many years. It was Sunday the 19th of March, a day as windy as it was sunny, and I set off to visit here. The name Dhabaleswar signifies Dhabala, or White + Eeswar, or God. I had read it being an island with a Shiva temple, connected to the mainland by a hanging bridge. But I didn’t know it was more, much more.

In my view, a tourist place needs to have three things to be considered good. The journey, the destination, and the food. Dhabaleswar Temple near Cuttack is not really big on the last point, but more than makes up for it, with the first & the second one. I am one who thinks journeys are often more beautiful than the destination. And true to that, I spent so much time taking pictures on my way to Dhabaleswar Temple that I was doubtful if even I’ll make it to the destination. But to my surprise, the place turned out to be much more beautiful and noteworthy than I thought. So, here is the story.

How to reach Dhabaleswar Temple

It’s easy to travel to Dhabaleswar from any part in Odisha. If you are traveling from Bhubaneswar (or Cuttack) you can follow the below itinerary.

  • Take the NH16 which is also known as Cuttack road.
  • Ride / Drive for about 30 mins and you will be passing the city of Cuttack.
  • Keep going for another 18 km and soon you will pass Jagatpur and reach a chowk called Manguli. Here, take left to the NH55, also known as the Sambalpur-Cuttack Highway.
  • Keep moving for some 5-6 km and you will reach an intersection towards Dhabaleswar road. It’s duly signed & impossible to miss.
  • Dhabaleswar Temple is about 11 km from this point.

So the itinerary is… Bhubaneswar>Cuttack>Jagatpur>Manguli Chowk>Sambalpur-Cuttack Highway>Dhabaleswar Road

Now, the journey.

Journey to Dhabaleswar Temple

I look forward to a great ride whenever I start a trip. I look forward to beautiful roads, scenic beauty, clean air, the life outside a city. After you get off the highway 16 and venture into the NH55, the sceneries begin. The below one is right near the intersection.

dhabaleswar temple cuttack

The journey towards Dhabaleswar contains so many scenic roads that I had to make a slideshow of it. Click top right for full screen.

Dhabaleswar temple cuttack
Dhabaleswar temple cuttack
Dhabaleswar temple cuttack
dhabaleswar temple cuttack

After you hit the Dhabaleswar road, You will ride a great deal of your journey alongside the Mahanadi River. Sceneries such as below will be common.

dhabaleswar temple cuttack

You will soon come across Chasapada Ghat, a spot with the original footprint of Chaitanya Mahaprabhubetter known as Chaitanya. His devotees believe him to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna himself.

dhabaleswar temple cuttack

Seeing the holy Shrine of Chaitanya, apna bhi Chaitanya uday ho gaya!

Check out the sweet spot in the background of the Shrine. That is where the footprints and some breathtaking sitting arrangements lie beneath the tree.

Green fields with cattle grazing on one side of the road.

And grasslands on the bank of Mahanadi on the other.

The red, the Yellow & the Blue. The river seemed at hand’s reach from here.

So I paid it a visit. The water was hardly a foot deep, but clear as crystal.

A majestic Oak Tree on the bank. Respect.

The roots of which looked creepy as hell. I wonder how would it seem in the dark of night?

Probably like this shot from the movie Antichrist.

Yet another sweet sitting spot on the way. Check below.


Reaching Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack

That was my last picture taken before reaching my destination. Go to the Next Page to see exclusive & best pictures of Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack.

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