Ansupa Lake in Cuttack, Page 3

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Ansupa Lake

Like a Christian bride in her wedding gown. This flowery bower.


The Sunset Point didn’t disappoint as well.

Ansupa Lake-Saranda Hill

Couldn’t know how time flew. It’s past 6 now, time to head back home.

Captured the beautiful sunset on the Mahanadi river.

Ansupa Lake


Heading back the way I came. The empty roads of the daytime seem even emptier now. Trees on both sides and no street lights, chilly breezes coming from the river side of the road gives you the shivers, especially if you are a city boy or girl. Word of Advice, take night shades for your eyes if you are riding here. After dark, large swarms of bugs fly right at your eyes and will blind you otherwise

Ansupa Lake

My Verdict

I enjoyed more at the Ansupa Lake-Saranda Hill than I ever enjoyed in any other mini-nature park in Odisha.

This place is well connected for cars & motorcycles. Not so much for Autos or buses. There are many village markets nearby. The people around here are nice too. For amilies of all sizes and couples in Bhubaneswar or Cuttack, this place is like a dream within reach, at only 40-50 km distance.

A weekend getaway throughout the year… or an overnight stay preferably between November to February is ideal.

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